Worst 5 Bingo Adverts of All Time

For every top 5 list there is, there is going to be a top worst list, so we have decided to scratch our heads and come up with what we believe are the top 5 worst bingo adverts of all time. These adverts are what make you press that mute button on your remote and fill you with anger.

We wonder…when the adverts where officially made if no one watched them back thinking, “are we sure this bingo commercial is a good idea.” We guess not. Some adverts like the GoCompare adverts are built around being annoying so they stick in your head, maybe this is what the following were hoping for.

5# - Up your Bingo – Two Fat Ladies

If two oversized women in the middle of the street calling bingo numbers out while playing a big bongo (we forgot the official name) wasn’t enough the icing on the cake was at the end with the comment ''are you saying I’m fat!?'' We can’t answer that one. A Youtube comment actually said, “this advert makes me want to put my foot through the TV set.”

#4 – BOGOF Bingo - DJ Talent Bingo

Oh god, it wasn’t too difficult for us to come up with this list. With adverts like this the list practically makes itself. DJ Talent Bingo aka Anthony Ghosh seems like a down to earth kind of guy but please, the whole advert with BOGOF Bingo was too much for us. The tune did get caught in our heads however, so it worked to a degree.

#3 - Gala Bingo – The One With The Dog

We get the whole idea of the dog freshening up “because everyone loves a winner” and it probably took ages getting the dog doing the action (which is very clever), but we cannot seem to find the funny side. Even the voice over at the end doesn’t fit. It looks like one of those ancient adverts you find when you taped a film on VHS. Go and find one of those tapes - preferable a Van Damme film on channel 5 and – rewind it until you find an ad break.

#2 - Wink Bingo - Do The Dog! (…a favour and leave it alone)

We never thought we would say this but will give Gala Bingo some credit for the above advert. Comparing it to the Wink Bingo dog we don’t think the Gala dog was that bad. One word comes to mind at the moment…computerised! If our dog could river dance we would not be playing bingo put it that way.

#1 - Foxy Video – The Original Fox

We mentioned in the post, Top 5 Bingo Adverts of All Time that foxy bingo had made some adverts not worthy of the top 5 list. It seems that Foxy Bingo managed to make it on both our lists. This old advert with the fox's face (which looks like he is in pain), his voice and even the logo at the end are terrible; however, Foxy Bingo have come a long way since then. Good job Foxy! Things could have defiantly turned out differently.

A message to all bingo brands who are thinking of new bingo advert ideas – animals and bingo don’t go! Not even a little. Give up and scrap the idea. Tell us below what you think. Maybe you have an advert that should have made the list.

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