Is Online Bingo Legal in the United States?

Citizens of the United States take their gambling pretty seriously. In fact, it is one of the most popular pastimes for adults. In The US, land based casinos and race tracks allow for legal gambling and revenues for this gross over $45 billion, coming in just below publications and computer/audio/video in leisure spending. This amount does not even include illegal gambling that occurs quite openly in states where gambling is disallowed. The laws regarding the legality of gambling in the United State are often open to interpretation and get somewhat murky when bingo is considered. This problem gets even more confusing when you add in online gambling including online bingo. So the question of whether or not online bingo is legal in the United States is a somewhat difficult one to answer which is why so many online casinos and online bingo sites restrict US players.

Bingo and online bingo in the Unites States

The United States recognises four types of legal gambling: casinos, pari-mutuel betting, lotteries and charitable gambling. Bingo is the most popular of the charitable gambling category. So, when considering land based games, bingo is legal in the US in states that allow casinos and in states where charitable bingo is allowed. Logic should dictate that online bingo is legal in the United States, at a minimum, where it is legal for land based bingo games to be played. But, as with many of the laws that govern gambling in the United States, that is not necessarily the case.

United States online gambling and online casino laws

Since the advent of the internet there has been a rash of legislation designed to regulate online gambling and online casinos in the US. This is quite a controversial issue in the United States simply because of the debate between states rights and federal. On a federal level online gambling including engaging in online bingo is actually legal in the US. So then you have to consider the state level where some states allow it and others do not. But the real issue is funding. Federal law prohibits the transference of funds between online casinos and financial institutions. This means that in order to engage in online bingo legally, one has to fund their account in creative ways that circumvent banks and financial institutions. If this is possible and the US citizen resides in a state where online bingo is legal then it is perfectly fine to indulge.

Where is online bingo legal in the US?

So, the answer is that online bingo is legal for US citizens to play in most states. They may make bets, make deposits into their online account and withdraw. However, they must use a funding source other than a bank or financial institution. There are some exceptions when it comes to online bingo being legal in the United States. Some states including New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, South Dakota, Louisiana, Nevada, Wisconsin, Oregon and Washington have specific laws that address online gambling. Citizens who reside in those states may not participate in online gambling and online bingo is illegal in the United States in those instances.

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