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BingoCams Chat Moderator Interview - CH Katherine

Chat Moderator Name: CH Katherine
Site That You Are The CH For: Bingocams
Real Name: Katherine (or Kat)
Favourite Bingo Number: 13
Favourite Quote of All Time: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” (Oscar Wilde)

Getting Started

First of all, we don't want you to join the first online bingo site that you come across, we have provided you with the latest bingo review (left hand side), the latest bingo tools (bottom of the page) and more so you are able to truly find that perfect bingo site

Take your time and have a look around the site. remember to come back on a daily basis as we update our blog, bingo adverts, bingo news and bingo promotions frequently.
How do I Know if a Bingo Site is For Me?

Just remember that there is no rush, simply take your time, compare a few online bingo sites with each other and join the one that you like the sound/look off. There is no rules to how many bingo sites you can be a member of and if you join a UK bingo site and you don't have a great experience, simply pick a new site to join..

Why Love to Play Bingo Exists

If you live in the United Kingdom then you will probably already know that online bingo is extremely popular. You only have to turn on your TV to notice the latest bingo adverts blocking up the TV. The only problem with loads of bingo sites to pick from is more choices, it can be extremely overwhelming, especially for new bingo players. Love to Play Bingo was created to hopefully make picking/finding a new bingo site easier.


Online Bingo Tools

Screenshot comparison bingo ball
If you wish to stick to the same online bingo site time and time again then design matters.

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Latest promotions bingo ball
Find out all the latest promotions that online bingo sites are currently having.

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Bingo directory bingo ball
A full list of all the online bingo sites and their reviews.

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PayPal bingo bingo ball
Bingo sites that let you use paypal to deposit and withdraw money to play with.

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 Bingo card generator bingo ball
You can create and print off bingo cards with the help of a free bingo card generator.

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New to bingo bingo ball
If your are new to online bingo then read articles on how to get started.

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Help Contribute

We are trying to improve this site all the time and as time goes on you will notice more and more UK bingo sites and resources added, but we can only do so much of the work. We need you as users to help other bingo players out like yourself by commenting and rating on bingo sites that you have used before on the review pages (left hand side). Both good and bad comments are welcome and by doing so we can ultimately find the best bingo sites who not only care for their users but who offer a great bingo experience too.